DemGames Application

Civic Education, Gamified!

DemGames is a lightweight, “edutainment” application that hosts simple games to provide additive self-paced experiences for on democracy educational concepts.

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Core Features

Engaging Content

Self-paced multiple choice and matching questions to offer quick reinforcement on key concepts.


Choose-your-own-adventure narration that mimics practical decision-making and builds high-level reasoning skills

Customization & themeing

You have the ability to customize themes and certain features to better fit your program brand and goals.


Extensible Content

Content can be extended to meet accessibility requirements for blind or low mobility users through a voice-based assistant.


Players earn points to advance in the game and unlock new levels.


As a program implementers, you can tailor the level of difficulty and choose between the different game types to better match program objectives.


Built through a human-centered approach

The Google Assistant powered debate trivia voice bot was a result of a human-centered approach to developing this game. By talking to our customers, we learned the value of inclusivity by delivering an extensible DemGames product available to all people, including those of us with low or no motor skills, and or low or no visibility.

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Why choose DemGames for your program?

Engage with your audience

Interactive learning platforms offer a unique opportunity to engage with youth on democracy--with a technology approach that meets them where they are.

When to use DemGames?

map[button_link: button_text:Sign Up image:images/engage-vector.png text:DemGames is an ideal tool designed and developed specifically for youth to complement in-person engagements with a light touch, self-paced follow-up for mobile-based distance learning. title:When to use DemGames?]

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